Nonlocal Investigations

Can nonlocality
be utilized?

  1. The question cries out once the true, uniquely quantum mechanical nonlocality of individual events is established: what does this nonlocality amount to?

  2. Can we, for example, utilize the nonlocality of measurement to signal from one point to another?

    Evidently not...

  3. Using the quantum formalism it is possible to prove that moving or measuring something in one location does not alter the density matrix description of another thing elsewhere -

  4. If the density matrix is viewed as giving a maximally complete ontological picture then these proofs are general arguments against information transfer by quantum measurement.

    Such judgements rely on a particular view of order, for example in assuming the density matrix is a maximal description under all circumstances...

  5. What if there are patterns in the implicate order, contingent and pervasive...?

    Then the density matrix would be both correct and by some criteria maximal, while still lacking any reference to the existing contingent order!

  6. Imagine that you are playing cards against someone who is using a stacked deck - if you believe the distribution to be random then you abstractly model the state of the game using a standard 'density matrix.'

    On the other hand, if the pattern of the arrangement is guessed then developments in the game become easier to predict.

  7. Brian Josephson mentioned the example of a particular pattern in the implicate order corresponding to: a leopard is nearby.

    In the course of contructing science it was necessary to sum over all possible ways the world might be, so in the end quantum mechanics had no interest in the specific, contingent pattern of leopardness...

    Yet, as an individual, you may have encountered that pattern before.

  8. Because our subjective experience develops in the presence of particular patterns of the implicate sea, we have hints of how the deck around us might be stacked.

  9. A friend once suggested that nonlocality inevitably eludes human purposes (inherently localized and tiny as we are)...

    But what of a 'use' like this...?

    We arrange for several autonomous individuals who are spacially distributed to act spontaneously in such a way that a nonlocal pattern is maximized - and of course it might be that such a pattern even correponds to some human purpose or another...

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